The sector of mother and baby products is made up of many products and a high circulation of products and customers.

There are many alternatives in products related to babies in terms of colors, patterns, and so forth, which makes it much more difficult to shop when you consider sensitive habits that come with serving mothers and babies, preferences, and ultimately an abundance of alternatives. Another point is that, even if you design the most beautiful e-commerce website ever, it’s just not possible to convey some sensations through virtual tools. At that rate, individuals often prefer stores over websites in order to see, test, and feel the products.

We believe that products for the age group of 0 – 4 require special attention since misuse of these products can negatively affect the physiological development of a human being. With this perspective, there is an important situation to point out; When we look at the current regulations in our country, in case you wish to open a barber shop, you need to submit an apprenticeship application to the Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen, work as an apprentice to get certified, and then work for another while to register yourself. A similar process is required for opening a jewelry store as well.

But in case you wish to open a baby store, you can start your activity in a short while without needing any accreditation if you have the financial opportunity. However, when we look at our shopping habits closely, it gets to be obvious that it should not be working this way. People tend to spend more money when it comes to their children. They prefer products they know to be of good quality, healthy, and safe. While they opt for a shoe that costs 100₺ for themselves, they prefer one for 200₺ if they know it’s orthopedic and it protects feet.

Since it works this sensitive and selfless when it comes to products, I believe it should be the same for the store these products are being sold at.

I believe that those who run retail stores in mother and baby products industry should be subject to certain fundamental regulations. And we, naturally, should be the ones who create this regulation for the benefit of the mothers and babies. Since we argue that we are ultimately sensitive about their safety and health, then it should be a piece of cake for us to come up with these regulations. 

I believe that we should consider the design patterns of our stores, security measures, specifications and content of our products, workers’ knowledge and accredited education on first-aid, baby care etc., and much more details.
On the other hand, if we only take actions according to our commercial concerns as people working in the mother and baby products sector or running retail stores, we can negatively affect the health and safety of mothers and babies.

Anyone in this sector, let them be a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, or retailer, should take the hit and not run away from responsibility; because we will be drafting away from success each day as we are delaying to take action.

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