In this world which feels lonelier and more individualistic each day, satisfying our need to socialize is now up to social media. A cherubic idea of social media is born to us a long time ago.

Now there are new platforms in addition to Facebook and Twitter which are very outstanding among lots of applications. Instagram has proven itself, Vine and Snapchat were in vogue for a while, and more applications are being created even now. The mass and their response time are so fast that it’s possible to predict whether an application will be successful or not. And the matter of keeping the popularity depends on how fast the application can renew itself, since we are living in the era of speed and novelty, and people get bored very easily. The concept of classicization seems a little further than ever.

Here, the companies who use social media as an active marketing strategy need to get their hands on this matter. Unfortunately, preparing one single post and sharing it on various platforms is not sufficient; since the users of each application have different expectations. Even if you’re addressing the same user in both scenarios, the social media users don’t like to see a message they have seen on another earlier and ultimately unfollow you.

One of the best-known ways in our sector is the blogger moms, who create a world where they share their own experiences with everyone. This is a very efficient marketing channel, as it is attractive to its followers since it is honest, real, and open to communicate. And the best part is that it is reachable to anyone. Bloggers can be talkative, informative, thoughtful, and mostly funny, but most importantly, their “humanism” is what makes many people like them. Followers can ask their questions and share their ideas under publications whenever they like. This broad group called “bloggers” already have its own subgroups. Some of them include vloggers, who communicate via videos instead of texts; or some who are remembered with their application of choice such as Instagrammers.

Mothers start following blogger moms when they need assistance the most about what they are about to come across, which is exactly the time we would like to contact them and share true knowledge. The truth is that these blogs are not only some personal online diaries anymore. Businesses can use blogger moms as an intermediary to offer their products and services to larger masses; and increase their traffic, recognition, and sales doing so.

So what to do? First, we need to change our perception. All these channels are usually perceived as cost-free advertisement tools in our country, but in fact, they are not. It is an integral part of the concept of digital advertising which is among traditional advertising channels. Therefore, it has already deserved to have its own share from the budget.

Figures show that digital platform is growing bigger each year. In recent years, digital advertising budgets have become a notable expense. Even though digital media used to be considered as an alternative to the traditional media, now it is viewed as a different department on its own. Funding this department, however, does not appear to be efficient; a team which can define user profiles and plans accordingly gets to be essential as well.

It is not a coincidence to have offers asking to run our social media every day because it is considered as an effortless and investment-free way of making money. Therefore, it is utterly important to make sure to protect the reputation of your brand and company, and to see that your message has been conveyed as requested. The effort the brands made to create the reputation of themselves through products and advertisements are too valuable to be in control of an employee who considers this a basic task. As we become aware of this sensitivity and selective, digital awareness will speed up as well. Raising the standards of these services will be possible through the increase of these people’s social media literacies.

In following years, the entire social media experience is expected to switch to a more specialized area. Private groups created in applications will probably be the way of socializing in this virtual world. Snapchat was the pioneer of this practice but later lost its position to Facebook Messenger, which means the social media in our future will be compiled of small groups that will require a different approach; a more special, more concerned, more precious one. Isn’t that what you would expect from all your experiences, though? To feel special. And what we are supposed to do is, regardless of what we’re selling, to sell it in a manner that will keep the customer feel special.

We all love to be cared about after all. Why would that be different for our customers?

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