The main factor that influences health in all baby products is the raw materials.

Dear industry friends, first of all, I wish that our first magazine brings luck to all of us.

It is an honor for me to see how far this association has come after the telephone call with dear Sami Herman (R.I.P.) at first, and the meetings afterward.

In regard to my experience of 25 years in this industry, I would like to remind you something important which you already know. The main factor that influences health in all baby products; “Raw material!”

The most important tools for babies are those who get into contact with food (breast pump, feeding bottle) and those which babies put in their mouths (teat, nipple shield, teether, utensils, etc.).

Raw materials highly affect the quality of the product. Most commonly, the materials used in these products are silicone (LSR) and polypropylene (PP). Unfortunately, tests of these materials are often neglected or ignored in Turkey.

For instance, silicone is a natural substance made through distillation of silicon metal/sand. Produced with the latest technology, it is one of the most natural raw materials. But when producing a silicone product, the most important thing to do is to dispose of the harmful volatile gases that occur in the finished product, which requires a good investment and operating expense.

In finished silicone products, around 3% volatile gases are released during production. For the safety of our babies, it is utterly important to know whether this operation has been made in the products we produced or imported. In Europe and America, these tests are remade even though you certify that you have performed this operation; which signifies the importance of the matter.

On the other hand, there are many kinds of silicone raw material in the market. Origin and quality of the silicone are directly related to its lifetime, looks, and the quality of the operation I just talked about.

As for other plastic raw materials; no baby product should be manufactured without raw materials that don’t have a certificate of conformity for food. We are supposed to request the certificates of conformity for food of the granules we buy for productions, liquid raw materials and imported finished products’ raw materials (FDA).

There is a considerable price discrepancy in raw materials, which is the most important factor of production cost. This discrepancy is caused by its conformity for food, apart from its quality. Moreover, since we can never know what a baby will put in their mouth, it is practical for the parts that are not designed to be put into the mouth to be conforming for food as well. We might cause irreparable harm to our babies while we’re aiming to manufacture or import cheap products. The quality of the raw material should not be negotiable, no matter what the cost.

Like all of us know, one of the most important factors in plastic raw materials is not containing BPA. In layman’s terms, Bisphenol A (BPA) is a harmful chemical substance used to create a transparent view in products, which interacts with boiled water, reaches the baby via water droplets, and supposedly harm babies’ reproductive organs. It definitely should not be used in baby products. Another important matter is to make sure that the paints added to raw materials or used for decorations on the finished products are not carcinogens and have sanitary certificates.

It is also essential to refrain from the use and trade of feeder bottles and pacifiers given aside breast pumps and sterilizers without names, labels, and user manuals; because products sold without manufacturer/importer labels are not safe in terms of production conditions. It has legal sanctions. Labels are almost like the IDs of products, and it is justifiably one of the most important matters that the related ministries pay attention to. It is an important enforcement for the sake of the code of fair competition.

Now we have an association that will keep track of all these matters and will represent us before the Ministries. As our members increase in number, our contribution to the improvement of our industry will increase as well.

I wish you all peace, health, happiness, and prosperity.

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