BAGIDER organized a meeting on May 12, 2016, in collaboration with UL VS LABORATORY INC. on the updated regulations on product standards and methods of inspection.

The managers of BAGIDER member companies participated in the seminar which took place at Biz Cevahir Hotel Ayvalık Hall.

Tunç Karaaslan, Vice President of BAGIDER, commenced his speech by explaining the objectives and mission of BAGIDER and added that similar meetings will keep on taking place in order to inform both our members and consumers.

İrem Tatlıdede, Sales Director of UL VS Laboratory Inc., said that the aim of the seminar was to share the details of the new regulations on inspections of baby product standardization in Turkey.

Berrin Hatacikoğlu, UL VS Operation Manager in Turkey, talked about the standards of baby textile and inspections to test conformity in her presentation.

Paolo Tentoti and Galanti Fabio, two guest speakers from UL VS Italy, explained the operations to check legally enforced standards on baby equipment and toys.

The seminar ended after the questions of the participants have been answered and an information exchange on supplying products conforming to the EU regulations.

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